Art Workshops in English was started by Bridget Wilkin in 2006 in Hinteregg near Zürich, and moved to the current studio in Egg a few months later. Over the years different classes and workshops have been introduced, the range of materials on offer has grown, and Bridget has helped a lot of people to have fun and success in creating their own art.

In 2013 Ira van der Merwe joined the studio. She teaches after-school classes for 5 -18 year-olds. She coaches students working on their IB Diploma artwork and also helps High School students with portfolios and applications to schools of art, design and architecture.

Most of our classes are small, which means we are able to give our students plenty of personal attention, but for larger events, our three studio rooms can together accommodate about 20 people in total. We have an extensive library of art books and magazines, and of course, a Nespresso machine and plenty of tea!

Most of our students are expatriates in Switzerland who want to make art in an English-speaking environment, and many are only here for a couple of years before moving on again. (When necessary we can also speak German.) In addition to our Swiss students, we have had students from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, China, India, the Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Korea, Venezuela, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Israel, France, Iran, Japan, Austria, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Conversations at the studio are always interesting!

While almost all of our adult students describe themselves as beginners when they first come to the studio, some have gone on to study art full time, a few are now successful working artists who exhibit and sell their work, and a couple more have become art teachers themselves. Almost everyone has made art that they are proud to hang on their own walls and give to friends and family.

The kids enjoy exposure to a wide range of materials and techniques while learning important skills. The quality and volume of their work is amazing. For many, their time at the studio is the highlight of their week.