after school group

In the After School sessions, we work with young students ranging in age from about 6 to 18, who have a variety of different needs.

The first of these is providing extra help and studio facilities for students studying art for their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Some of these students also need to prepare portfolios for applications to Art/Design Schools and Universities. Our students have the space, materials and opportunity to work at the studio, as well as access to expert advice and coaching. They can tackle problem areas that there is often too little time for in the school classroom. Our teacher, Ira van der Merwe (a very successful artist herself) has years of experience in formal and informal art education. She has a passion for helping students who aim to make their careers in art or design.

The second is providing an opportunity for International Baccalaureate students to earn CAS Creativity credits, which exposes students to creative skills and know-how that can be applied everywhere else in life. Students do not have to be artistically skilled or have much prior exposure to visual art. At Creativity for CAS, we explore a variety of art (and craft) making processes and mediums. Each student is accommodated at whatever level they are on and projects are inspired according to their own interests.

Lastly, we welcome children who love art and want to develop their skills further. It is critical that the right kind of coaching and inspiration is given at this age, so that art remains fun and skills develop naturally. Our class boosts confidence and motivates kids to explore new media. We help them to develop good problem solving skills and understand their own creative process, handling setbacks and pushing through disappointments. They learn how to start a project with good planning and end it well with finishing touches and clean up. All this according to the skill level, personality and interests of the child. Each child is coached individually at her/his own pace, within a similar age group.

Although we accommodate all of these age groups and various needs at the same time, the groups are facilitated in different rooms and areas.

The After School sessions take place every Tuesday and Wednesday during term time from 16.00 – 18.00.

(Older teens are also welcome at the Tuesday evening Open Studio sessions.)

The price is CHF50.- per session or 2 points from a Studio Abonnement. How to pay? Payment details can be found here.

To enquire about joining a class, please use the contact form.

Image above by Nico A.