foundation course curriculum

Course outline and dates for September 2018 – February 2019

1. Line: Different kinds of line, mark-making, gesture and contour drawing, Zentangle doodling. Sep 24
2. Shape & Form: Organic/geometric shapes, paper collages; turning 2D geometric shapes into 3D geometric forms; using simple forms to draw more complicated things: flowers, objects, people. Oct 1
3. Value, light, shadow: Value scales in graphite and watercolour; the logic of light; chiaroscuro in pastel and coloured pencil. Oct 8
4. Space I: Illusion of Depth and Distance: Atmospheric perspective in landscapes Layered “fog” prints and gouache paintings. Oct 29
5. Space II: Linear Perspective: Drawing buildings, interiors and objects using vanishing points. Drawing a birdhouse in 2-point perspective. Nov 5
6. Space III: Positive and Negative Space: The concept of positive and negative space. Graphic design collage, negative painting with watercolour. Nov 12
7. Drawing Portraits: Secrets for sketching heads from the side and front in pencil, completing a portrait in slow-drying acrylic. Nov 19
8. Drawing the Human Figure: Standard proportions according to Leonardo in pencil. Quick action sketches. Easy watercolour figures. Nov 26
9. Round Up of Drawing Skills: Tips for drawing and tools to help. Various drawing mediums. Dec 3
10. Colour I, The Relationships Between Colours: Colour theory, painting colour wheels in acrylic, colour schemes, harmony vs impact. Dec 10
11. Colour II, How to Mix Colours Accurately: Painting “mixed pixels” accurately. Jan 14
12. Texture: Simulated, invented and actual texture; building a texture library. Jan 21
13. Printmaking I: Intaglio and relief printmaking. Jan 28
14. Printmaking II: Monoprints. Feb 4 


Image above by Bridget W.