Hot wax, cool collages

Bridget spent two days in July at a workshop run by artist Sonja Schmid. The subject was creating abstract collages using layers of paper, hot wax, needle and thread, as well as paint, charcoal, etc. Great fun and the results were wonderful. You can have a go at this technique at an Open Studio session – just send a message in advance so we can be sure the equipment is ready for you.


New to the studio this autumn: a Thermofax screen maker! Now we can make custom screens for screen printing on paper and textiles in a matter of seconds. The results are amazing. First chance to give it a go will be on Wednesday September 13th, 10.00 – 13.00. Sign up now!

Art Basel 2015

Art Basel is the world’s biggest contemporary art fair, and it takes place in Basel every June.

This year, Bridget will be taking a group to Art Basel for the day, by train, on June 18th.

If you’d like to join us, please send an email.

For more info about Art Basel, follow this link

Bridget’s Schedule for August 2015 to June 2016

Bridget’s plan for the next “art year” is slightly different from previous years as she plans to take some extended vacations during the year to do some off-season travelling. On the other hand, when she is in Egg, she’ll be working harder: 1 evening and 3 mornings a week!

The plan is to run Open Studio on Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings; Foundation Course on Tuesday mornings and special workshop series on Wednesday mornings.

Bridget will be travelling for 4 weeks in November 2015 and will add 2 weeks on to the usual 2 week Easter break, returning the last week in April. In the meantime, Joanne Finnegan will run Bridget’s Open Studio sessions while she’s away.

Full details about classes and dates can be found under activities and events and  studio schedule


busy with company workshops!

Previously, we’ve run workshops for Coca Cola, ABB and NewRe. In the last month we’ve done two company workshops.

The first was run by Ira for a small group at Swarovski’s beautiful office in Männedorf.

The second was for a large group from swissQuant AG, which was held at Giardino Verde in Uitikon Waldegg above Zürich. This one was designed for 49 people divided into six groups, each of which had to paint 2 or 3 differently sized, pre-drawn canvases. At the end of two hours, the 13 finished canvases were arranged to reveal the mystery subject – a Nautilus shell drawn according to the sequence of numbers worked out by the mathematician Fibonacci (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13, 21, 34, 55, etc.), which describe a logarithmic spiral that is found in many natural objects from shells to pineapples, to constellations etc. and a rule of proportion known as the Golden section, that has been used by artists for centuries. The workshop was designed to appeal to a company of mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists, and the colours were chosen to harmonise with the corporate identity.

The finished painting, 3.4 meters across and 2.1 meters from top to bottom is shown below. The workshop was conducted with the help of three fellow artists Joanne Finnegan, Lizi Hill and Wiktor Mielniczuk.


The smallest of the 13 canvases, with the painting plan. This little one took the longest to paint!


Wiktor explains the task at hand to his two teams.




Joanne gives advice and doles out more paint


Mixing colours isn’t easy, but this group is doing very well!


Hard at work, making decisions, sharing the task, controlling quality


Nearing completion, using the hairdryer


Precision painting and perfect colours


“Maybe it’s a tropical plant – we are in a greenhouse after all.” Doing a fantastic job!


Lizi shows how to paint neat edges


Still working on the smallest canvas: the most colour variety, smallest shapes and great precision.


Finished! Nautilus shell 3.4m x 2.1m


Lizi and Bridget comparing the finished painting with the mini original



kindergartners visit the studio

We had 37 excited kindergartners from the nearby international school at the studio recently. They came as part of their unit of enquiry into communication and we spent time with them looking at a variety of works of art created at the studio and responding to them, before doing a painting exercise using stencils, acrylic paint and markers.

Below are some of the delightful artworks they created:


watercolour demo and masterclass

We have been very lucky to team up with watercolourist and architect Wiktor Mielniczuk for our first professional art demonstration and masterclass.

On the first evening, Wiktor demonstrated his technique by painting a view of Zürich’s Hauptbahnhof from the Bahnhofstrasse, while the audience watched in awe and asked loads of questions. Wiktor showed how to create depth, light and shade, reflections and atmosphere with a limited palette of colours, two or three brushes and a spray bottle. Everyone was surprised by how little paint and how much water he used, how useful fingers can be as painting tools and that not only did Wiktor use white paint (!) but that he also applies paint straight from the tube for finishing touches.

IMG_2680-1IMG_2684-2IMG_2690-3IMG_2694-4 IMG_2703-5










On the second evening, a week later, it was the turn of 10 enthusiastic but relatively inexperienced watercolourists to have a go at painting a scene of Rapperswil from across the Zurichsee with Wiktor’s expert help. It took longer than we had planned, so now there’s going to be a third evening to finish off. Watch this space for the finished paintings.