watercolour demo and masterclass

We have been very lucky to team up with watercolourist and architect Wiktor Mielniczuk for our first professional art demonstration and masterclass.

On the first evening, Wiktor demonstrated his technique by painting a view of Z├╝rich’s Hauptbahnhof from the Bahnhofstrasse, while the audience watched in awe and asked loads of questions. Wiktor showed how to create depth, light and shade, reflections and atmosphere with a limited palette of colours, two or three brushes and a spray bottle. Everyone was surprised by how little paint and how much water he used, how useful fingers can be as painting tools and that not only did Wiktor use white paint (!) but that he also applies paint straight from the tube for finishing touches.

IMG_2680-1IMG_2684-2IMG_2690-3IMG_2694-4 IMG_2703-5










On the second evening, a week later, it was the turn of 10 enthusiastic but relatively inexperienced watercolourists to have a go at painting a scene of Rapperswil from across the Zurichsee with Wiktor’s expert help. It took longer than we had planned, so now there’s going to be a third evening to finish off. Watch this space for the finished paintings.