bridget wilkin

I was born in Germany, grew up in England, and now I’m at home in Switzerland.

At the age of 12 I had to give up art at school in favour of Latin. A couple of years later I started drawing and painting by myself, but I went on to do a science degree at the University of Surrey and later a Masters in Business Administration at London Business School.

After several years working for big companies in the UK, my husband and I started moving around the world: first to Switzerland (where we worked for Novartis and our two sons were born), and then to the USA and Japan where I worked as a self-employed business and medical writer. Along the way, I took watercolour lessons in Atlanta and sumi-e (ink painting) classes in Tokyo.

We moved back to Switzerland in 2000 and at last I had time to take up art seriously. During four years of study, including exposure to most fine art media, a huge variety of subjects and a graphic design course, I also started to exhibit and sell my work.

I started teaching watercolour painting in early 2006 and opened my studio in Egg later that year, expanding the range of courses as I went.

In recent years I have attended intensive courses in printmaking, silver clay jewellery-making, glass bead making, urban sketching, photography and hot wax collage.

When I’m not teaching or making my own art, I enjoy travelling, taking photos, hiking, skiing, brain exercises and learning Romontsch, Switzerland’s fourth official language. I live in the mountain village of Laax in Graubunden with my husband and our dog, Dylan.

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Image by Bridget W.