Bridget’s Schedule for August 2015 to June 2016

Bridget’s plan for the next “art year” is slightly different from previous years as she plans to take some extended vacations during the year to do some off-season travelling. On the other hand, when she is in Egg, she’ll be working harder: 1 evening and 3 mornings a week!

The plan is to run Open Studio on Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings; Foundation Course on Tuesday mornings and special workshop series on Wednesday mornings.

Bridget will be travelling for 4 weeks in November 2015 and will add 2 weeks on to the usual 2 week Easter break, returning the last week in April. In the meantime, Joanne Finnegan will run Bridget’s Open Studio sessions while she’s away.

Full details about classes and dates can be found under activities and events and  studio schedule