ira van der merwe

South African-born artist Ira van der Merwe is the embodiment of creativity and education, she lives to learn, encourage, repurpose and create.

After obtaining her first qualification from the University of Pretoria in 2002 in Arts Education, Ira pursued a career in teaching and subsequently obtained an Honours degree in Art History from the University of South Africa in 2012. Her years as a High School resident art teacher firmly cemented her call to educate and she has since sought out every opportunity to teach, assist and facilitate, be it as volunteer or employee.

Most of her adventures and stories are the result of being half Dutch and being wife to a travelling engineer-cum-academic. The challenges of ex-pat living are, however, bravely faced with a dash of humour and a smidgen of colour!

In brief, Ira’s experience includes: 10 years teaching Visual Art and Arts & Culture to 5 – 18 year-olds; 1 year adult education, basic visual literacy and artistic skills; 2 years of giving workshops in various arts and crafts, all ages; 2 years as Bible School registrar, student mentor, Visual Arts Ministry; 1 year of teaching art at art@ira (before emigrating); 10 years in curating, and exhibiting, at art shows and exhibitions; 3 years of voluntary work, with children in disadvantaged communities; and 3 months Montessori-internship, 0-3 year olds in Adliswil, Zürich.

Ira exhibits and sells her work in Switzerland and abroad. She lives in Baden with her husband, their little daughter and their crazy, lovable dog.

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